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Included with Your ST Octane Academy

Driving Day: Lots of track time!

The program is built on our tried-and-true Ford Performance Racing School format. So, those of you who like driving 55 in the fast lane with your arm out the window may be a little disappointed. All day, every day, we are a racing school. That means that all you speed addicts will have more than ample opportunity to see exactly what an ST is capable of. Oh, and if you'd like to share the fun with a friend, family member or significant other, bring them along! We guarantee they'll have a good time too [see Guest Upgrades below]! We encourage it!

Schedule: Driving Day Includes:

  • 8:00am start time (sharp)
  • Classroom session (approximately 30 minutes)
  • On Track lead-and-follow session (you follow the instructor)
  • On Track instructor ride-along (instructor rides as passenger)
  • On Track demo laps (you ride as passenger with instructor driving)
  • Catered lunch
  • Forward 180 and Parking Box exercises
  • Braking/Corner exercises
  • UrbanX practice session [see course below]
  • Timed competition on the UrbanX course
  • Graduation 4:05pm – 4:30pm
What's a parking box?
Have you ever wanted to do a handbrake turn into a parking spot? Here's your chance!

Registration Links are at Page Bottom

 50 Second Video Tour

Start with the reception at the Welcome Center at the Ford Performance Racing School the night before, and move to on-track time at the Ford Performance Racing School the next day.

UrbanX Course:

UrbanX Course at ST Octane Academy

About the Welcome Reception:

The welcome reception social and dinner begins at 5:30pm, the evening before your on-track driving day which begins the next morning at 8:00am.

Upgrade Options

You may add the following upgrades to any ST Octane Academy registration

 Guest Experience - Non-Driving

Your Guest will participate in the Welcome Reception, will experience the thrill of Demo Laps with a pro instructor

 Performance Driving Day Upgrade

Add an optional second day in a track-ready Mustang GT at the Ford Performance Racing School (FPRS) for both you and a Driving Guest (on select dates)

 Performance Driving Day for Guest

Bring a Driving Guest to an optional second day in a track-ready Mustang GT at the Ford Performance Racing School (FPRS) (on select dates)

Guest Experience (non-driving)

Your unique guest experience begins the night before with a dinner and reception at Ford Performance Racing School Welcome Center (based at Utah Motorsports Campus). The next day you will enjoy a catered lunch; experience the thrill of Demo Laps with a professional instructor on our Road Course and UrbanX Course.

The Guest Experience Features:

  • Non-Driving Demo Laps on Road Course
    • The minimum age requirement is 14 or older
  • Official ST Octane Academy T-Shirt
  • Ride-along with ST owner (select areas/times)
  • Dinner & Reception the night before
  • Catered lunch next day

1-Day Non Driving Guest Experience

2-Day Non-Driving Guest Experience
(assumes that main driver attends the FPRS Driving Day - related info shown below)

Related Guest Info:

 IMPORTANT: If you do not purchase an optional Guest Experience, you are not allowed to bring any guest to the evening reception, or to the next day's activities — which includes classroom sessions, on-track experience, and meals — at the racetrack.

 NOTE: If you purchase a Guest Experience your guest does not drive the Ford Focus/Fiesta ST cars.

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Upgrade: Performance Driving Day

Available on select dates only

Create more confidence behind the wheel. Set the foundation for Club Racing.

Add a second day of Performance Driving for a real taste of what the Ford Performance Racing School has to offer.

ST attendee discount cost: $1,495/person ($200 savings) - regular cost: $1,695/person

About the Driving Day Upgrade:

  • Perfect for drivers at any level
  • Small class size
  • Drive a track-prepped 2015 Mustang GT
  • Begins with classroom session
  • Heel/toe braking techniques
  • Vehicle dynamics (skid car)
  • Premium catered lunch
  • Track session with lead and follow
  • Track session with instructor ride-along
  • Solo Track session on our world-class track.

The program is held at the Ford Performance Racing School, based at Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC), a state-of-the-art auto, motorcycle, off-road and kart racing facility with multiple tracks and sport surfaces. UMC is a world-class, 4.5-mile, 40-50-foot-wide, 23-turn circuit – the longest in North America. This course has challenged the best drivers in the Pirelli World Challenge Championships, American Le Mans Series, Grand-Am Road Racing, and NASCAR.

How to Signup: Driving Day Upgrade:

 Look for a discount code & signup link on the ST Octane Academy confirmation receipt / email.
 Use the link and discount code to place a separate registration on the FPRS website.
 You may add this upgrade later by using the link & code (Assuming available space: classes do fill up)

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Bring a Driving Guest:

 Driving Guests are welcome on the FPRS Driving Day upgrade.
 Discounted rate of $1,495/person also applies to guests.

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