Asphalt Kicking Action

Ford Focus ST/Fiesta ST Driving Experience

Octane Academy delivers rubber-burning, tire-smoking, asphalt-kicking action.

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We are finalizing a calender of programs for 2016.

We will have dates available from April through October.

Check back the week of February 1, 2016 for an update

ST Octane Academy in 30 Seconds

Take a 30 second tour of ST Octane Academy — from the reception at Hoonigan Headquarters in Park City, Utah to On-Track time at Miller Motorsports Park. On-track time includes: 1) lead-and-follow session (you follow the instructor), 2) On Track instructor ride-along (instructor rides as passenger), and 3) On Track hot laps (you ride as passenger with instructor driving)

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CALL 435-27-SPEED [77333]

The best way to learn what's included in an ST Octane Academy — such as the amount of track time — is to call us. We'll fill you in on the complete course curriculum and will help you register.

We will have dates available from April through October.